Artist - CMoore Albaugh
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At 22 months my parents realized my childish doodling were really the faces of the people around me. They started me in private painting lessons while still in grade school.


I have spent my entire life trying to avoid becoming an “artist” all the while pursuing the knowledge of painting to improve my skills.


Art is the experience of making something, not what is made. It’s the state of being one enters while “making art” that’s the payoff, not what’s produced. Yes, you hope it’s good, and you’re pleased when it is, but the painting is merely a byproduct of the experience.


For me, art is an escape. It takes me from THIS place and time into one of my own choosing. Where I control the illusion. Drawing is how I got through school. Church. Life. What did I draw? Me, someplace else. That’s still what I do. Ultimately what comes out of my work is autobiographical. I try to combine the traditional drawing techniques with the impressionist painting methods. My images convey my intent far better than my words ever will.

Reaching CMoore – 402.890.9927


Today CMoore divides her time between hometown Lincoln, Nebraska and the artist communities of Santa Fe and San Francisco. Reach her at 402.890.9927.

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